Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last Minute Draft Assessment

As we continue to await the start of the 2012 draft - I offer my last minute assessment of the Ravens' needs for the upcoming season:

  • Depth on the defense - After having lost Cory Redding and Tom Zbikowski, the Ravens are a little thin on the defensive end of things and could definitely afford to make an investment into some young blood.
  • Receiver - We thought Lee Evans was going to be just what Flacco needed along with Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin, but he just couldn't seem to get the job done last season! I'd love to see the Ravens draft another young potential all-star receiver like they did with Smith last season.
  • Left guard - After saying bye-bye to Ben Grubbs the Ravens need to make it a priority to fill this position. Joe Flacco is going to need all the protection he can get if we want to see him utilizing Ray Rice to his full potential.
Have I forgotten something?! Let me know your last minute thoughts!


  1. I agree with a receiver to compliment Torrey....Stephen Hill is looking like a likely candidate for this in the 2nd round out of GT.....Also Torrey is really high on him...Another need might be at safety, considering we only have 4 on the roster right now...We have alot of areas we can improve...I know we will as usual draft well...In Ozzie we trust!

    1. All very true, especially our need for a safety! Agreed, in Ozzie we trust!