Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Too Cool for School

Hello Ravens fans,

No, I did not forget about you! I've been swept up in mid-term work but that hasn't been enough to dampen my spirits as it usually does because my Ravens are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL right now!

I will admit, that Patriot's game had me a little worried in the beginning but Flacco ended up getting things done and I think we can all agree that Tucker is the man. 

It seems like everyone is talking about the Ravens these days, here are some of my favorite reads tonight:

NFL Weekly Power Rankings
This week: 4
Last week: 5

This week: 3
Last week: 3


  1. Really this free agency has been explosive and this not over yet. Success and good luck. YOu are rally great..Way to go Ravens !!! http://www.priceperhead.com/