Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Too Cool for School

Hello Ravens fans,

No, I did not forget about you! I've been swept up in mid-term work but that hasn't been enough to dampen my spirits as it usually does because my Ravens are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL right now!

I will admit, that Patriot's game had me a little worried in the beginning but Flacco ended up getting things done and I think we can all agree that Tucker is the man. 

It seems like everyone is talking about the Ravens these days, here are some of my favorite reads tonight:

NFL Weekly Power Rankings
This week: 4
Last week: 5

This week: 3
Last week: 3

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thought for Thursday: Can the Ravens Demonstrate Consistency?

Hey Ravens fans!

It's Thursday... which means that tomorrow is PURPLE FRIDAY! There is nothing I love more than sporting my Ravens jersey here at school in Pennsylvania, but this week it's even better. Lehigh University is situated right about an hour outside of Philly so I will be proudly rocking my black and purple here in Eagle nation!

My "Thought for Thursday" this week is one that I have definitely had before when it comes to our beloved Ravens. We have seen the situation play out far too many times before, have a killer game one week only to follow with a... less than stellar performance the next. The media has been incredibly complimentary of Flacco's performance in Monday night's game and I'll admit, he kind of surprised me too. One of the biggest questions going into this weekends matchup is whether or not this is the season that the Ravens can finally maintain consistency and play lights out football for 60 minutes, every week. After watching Monday's game, I have a lot of faith in this team. It seemed that they really made some fundamental changes on offense and the defense looked stronger than I thought they would minus T-Sizzle. This weekend, against Vick and the Eagles, Joe Flacco has an opportunity to prove to naysayers that he is an elite QB and is worthy of the praise he has been given this week. He also has the opportunity to do what he has done in the past... I won't go there.

I'm really excited to see what happens and can't wait to see the sad faces of all the Eagles fans showing up for class on Monday morning after we beat them on their own turf!

Feel like you might have missed some of the Ravens news today? Here are some interesting reads I stumbled across:

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NFL.com's Week 2 Predictions (Ravens 24, Eagles 20)
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Ravens Offense Dialing Up Deceptive Play Calling

And just because it's been a while... here is a newer Ray Lewis pump up video! My favorite line... "It's better to be respected than liked!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Wrap-Up and a Look Ahead to the Eagles

Good morning Ravens fans!

Just as I am, I'm sure most of you are still reveling in Monday night's win. However, it's officially midweek and time for the Ravens to start looking ahead towards their trip to Philly this weekend!

Here are a few more articles you might find interesting about Monday night's big win as well as what to look forward to in this weekend's matchup:

ESPN's AFC North Blog: Harbaugh, Flacco Shine
ESPN's NFL Quarterback Ratings (Flacco is #3 - Total QBR is 95.1)
BaltimoreRavens.com News: 'Critically Important' To Solidify Ravens Run Defense

And here are a few of my favorite shots from the Ravens vs. the Bengals:
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekly Power Rankings: We Have Arrived

Anyone else still riding the high from last night's game? Feels so good to be a Ravens fan today!

It's Tuesday which means only one thing around here... time for NFL and ESPN's weekly power rankings! The consensus...? We are officially on everyone's radar!

This week: #4
Last week: #8
"The top three scoring teams in Week 1: New York Jets (48), Baltimore Ravens (44) and Chicago Bears (41). Those clubs, in theory, could all finish in the top five in defense this season. On that note, how does Ed Reed still have that explosion in his 11th season?"

This week: #3
Last week: #6

"Maybe Joe Flacco wasn't as far off as many thought when he said he was the best quarterback in the NFL."

Overwhelmed With Pride

There are really no words to describe just how proud I am of not only how the Ravens performed last night. The pride that I felt for my city and this incredible football team was greater than ever before as the Monday Night Football cameras scanned our beautiful harbor skyline and zoomed in on Ray Lewis's face full of emotion during the National Anthem.

I will admit, following the preseason games, I had my doubts. It was frustrating at times to watch what looked like the same tired football that we grew accustomed to last season. I wanted to see Joe get the ball in the air and down the field and I wanted to see our defense play with that "lights out" mentality that Baltimore is known for. Maybe they didn't deliver this for me in the preseason, but last night... the Ravens showed up BIG TIME!

Looks like everyone else around the league was just as impressed as Ravens fans were! Check out what people are saying this morning about our beloved black and purple beasts:

Joe Flacco Week 1 Highlight Video 
Quick Take: Ravens Look Like Contenders In Rout
Ed Reed Takes Interception to the House, Record Books
Joe Flacco Makes Big Statement for Baltimore Ravens

Ravens No Huddle Offense Is Sharp
Joe Flacco, Ray Rice Lead Ravens in Season-opening Rout of Bengals
AFC North Blog - Rapid Reaction: Baltimore 44, Cincinnati 13

Baltimore Ravens Homepage
The Breakdown: It's A New Day For Ravens
Ed Reed Greatest INT Returner Ever
Offensive Line Has Some Surprises

WNST (Post-game Press Coverage)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Official Return of Ravens Chick

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/OLGwdO)

Hello Ravens fans!

It's about that time again... and I am finally BACK IN ACTION! This summer has been a total roller-coaster, as I have been tirelessly contacting both Blogger and GoDaddy to figure out why the original domain link to my blog that I purchased is no longer working. I took a little break from blogging during the off season but fully planned on covering training camp and the events leading up to pre-season and am so upset that I was unable to do so. 

With pre-season a mere two days away, I decided I could no longer wait for the help to figure out what the glitch was and that it was more important to start writing than worry about why the web address wasn't working! I have returned to the original domain that I began with, www.believeinpurple.blogspot.com and plan to blog from this address this season. Bookmark it baby... Ravens Chick is back in action!

I am so excited for the upcoming season and cannot wait to share my favorite Ravens news stories with all of you each day. If you are a new reader, my blog primarily offers links to various Ravens news stories, videos and pictures that I find interesting... one-stop shopping for any Ravens fan! For returning readers, I can't thank you all enough for the readership and support that you offered me last season. This blog became something way bigger than I ever imagined possible and I am SO grateful for each and every one of you!

In addition to subscribing to this blog via e-mail, you can find additional updates on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! 

Looking forward to all that this season has in store for the Ravens and can't wait to kick it off Thursday with our first "W" against the Falcons!

Yours in Black and Purple, 


PS - In case you need a little pre-season pump up...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ravens Draft Picks: Rounds 2&3

Patience definitely paid off for the Ravens in the second and third rounds of the draft last night! Ozzie and team used their three picks very wisely and we added some really exciting young talent to the team. Here is a quick recap of our picks, where they played college ball and what they can bring to Baltimore:

Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama - we might have finally found a bookend for the one and only TSizzle!

Kelechi Osemele, T, Iowa State - will compete for a starting role and help fill the gap created from losing Ben Grubbs to free agency

Bernard Pierce, R, Temple - while I would have preferred to see the Ravens take a WR here, it doesn't hurt to add a player who will offer some support to Ray Rice

Who will the Ravens choose next? Stay tuned as we approach the final day of the 2012 draft!

Welcome to Baltimore Bernard Pierce!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome to Baltimore Kelechi Osemele!

Early Reaction: Baltimore Selects Courtney Upshaw

Welcome to Baltimore Courtney Upshaw!

No First Round Pick For the Ravens In 2012

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/IXtnJZ)

Despite my initial reaction to Ozzie's decision to trade out of the first round of the draft last night, I now realize that his prudence will ultimately ensure that the Ravens get quality picks in the following rounds. The trade landed us an early enough pick in the second round that there will still definitely be some big names left on the board.

According to the Baltimore Ravens website, Ozzie said that his decision was "a good business move" and that there are several players that the Ravens like who will still be available to them tomorrow.

Ozzie acknowledged that his decision was anticlimactic for fans who had been anxiously awaiting the 29th pick for almost three hours, but he still considered last night successful.

“You can’t control what’s going to happen,” he said. “As long as I’m here hopefully I’m picking No. 29, 30, 31 or 32. When you watch the board come off the way it did today, to have the ability to go back, acquire another player and still get a player you would have taken at your [original] pick, it’s good business for us.”

So the waiting game begins again until the second round starts tonight at 8pm! Hopefully, after tonight Ravens fans will have plenty of reason for celebration! In Ozzie we trust!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last Minute Draft Assessment

As we continue to await the start of the 2012 draft - I offer my last minute assessment of the Ravens' needs for the upcoming season:

  • Depth on the defense - After having lost Cory Redding and Tom Zbikowski, the Ravens are a little thin on the defensive end of things and could definitely afford to make an investment into some young blood.
  • Receiver - We thought Lee Evans was going to be just what Flacco needed along with Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin, but he just couldn't seem to get the job done last season! I'd love to see the Ravens draft another young potential all-star receiver like they did with Smith last season.
  • Left guard - After saying bye-bye to Ben Grubbs the Ravens need to make it a priority to fill this position. Joe Flacco is going to need all the protection he can get if we want to see him utilizing Ray Rice to his full potential.
Have I forgotten something?! Let me know your last minute thoughts!

Let the countdown begin!

Hey Ravens fans!

You can feel the excitement here in NYC, less than 3 hours until the start of the 2012 NFL Draft! Follow @tayloraboyd on Twitter for live updates or check your Facebook newsfeed for updates from Ravens Chick.

Can't wait to start the 2012 season with all of you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Wait Is Over - Nike Releases New Ravens Uniforms

Overall, it looks like Baltimore will be playing in almost identical uniforms to the ones that they have been. I am glad to see that these look nothing like the rumored jerseys that were released earlier last year!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taylor's Top 5 2012 Draft Needs for the Baltimore Ravens

Never. Again.

In light of the NFL Combine last weekend, I've been thinking a lot about what the Ravens need to be looking for as we head into the 2012 draft. Here are the top 5 positions I think we should be looking to fill  in order to have the best chance at winning it all this season!

1) I said it last season and I will say it again, we need to find an inside linebacker. We are so lucky to have Ray Lewis for another season and we should utilize his presence to develop some new talent. Honestly, I think it would be worth a first round pick to draft an ILB. The Ravens have not drafted a LB in the first round in 15 seasons but with Jarrett Johnson returning at 31 years old and Jameel McClain as a free agent, there is no better time than now to introduce some new blood to the linebacking squad.

2) We need to find another center. Matt Birk has been a great asset for the Ravens but he is about to turn 36 and there are rumors that he has thought about retiring. In order to balance out our run-heavy offense, I think it would be a worthy investment to secure a strong center in this year's draft.

3) In addition to another center, we should look at drafting a new guard. Left guard Ben Grubbs is a pending free-agent and this year's draft pool doesn't feature a very strong mix of interior 0-lineman. For that reason, it would make sense for the Ravens to consider this position in the earlier rounds.

4) Clearly, we need to beef up our secondary. It continues to amaze me that Ed Reed is still in the game and while I appreciate all of the talent and experience that he brings, he wasn't as reliable last season as he has been for the Ravens in his younger years. We saw far fewer "Reeeeeeeeeed" plays and watching him staggering around in-between plays was kind of painful at times. It definitely would benefit the Ravens to find some new talent that could learn from playing alongside Ed while we still have him. It is also important to consider that our starting cornerbacks Cary Williams and Lardarius Webb are both pending free-agents.

5) Finally, I think we should look to add another wide receiver in this year's draft. We scored majorly last season in acquiring Torrey Smith and with a season of experience under his belt, he looks to be a promising deep-threat again in 2012. On the other hand, Anquan Boldin looks far less promising to me after a less-than impressive 57 catches for 887 yards and only 3 touchdowns last season.

I'd love to hear whether or not you agree or what changes to my list you would make! Leave me a comment on my 'Ravens Chick' Facebook account or  join the conversation on Twitter, @tayloraboyd.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ravens Announce Additional Roster Changes

The Baltimore Ravens have also announced that they have released WR Lee Evans and CB Chris Carr.

According to the Baltimore Ravens website:

“Each year we have to make tough, difficult decisions to manage our roster,” Newsome said. “Chris Carr and Lee Evans were valuable Ravens, and both helped us get to the AFC Championship game and the brink of the Super Bowl last season with the way they played and the maturity they added to the locker room. Chris was instrumental in helping us earn the playoffs the last three seasons.

“As we talked about when we informed Chris and Lee of these moves, this does not close the door on them coming back to the Ravens.”

Baltimore Ravens Assign Franchise Tag to RAY RICE!

The Baltimore Ravens have reported that they have applied the franchise tag to Ray Rice today, Friday March 2. This tag protects him from free agency as his rookie contract with the Ravens neared its end! The one-year, $7.7 million deal is viewed as a precursor to an even longer contract extension following the 2012 season.

“As we have in the past, placing the franchise designation on a player allows us to keep negotiating on a long-term contract,” Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome said. “Our goal is to keep Ray Rice a Raven. We’ve done this with other outstanding players through our history, including Haloti Ngata a year ago.” (www.blogs.baltimoreravens.com)

"The fifth-year running back is coming off the best season of his career, where he rushed for 1,364 yards and collected a league leading 2,068 yards from scrimmage. He was selected to his second Pro Bowl and accounted for 16 touchdowns – 12 rushing, three receiving and one throwing." (www.blogs.baltimoreravens.com)

I have a feeling this will be welcome news to MANY Ravens fans!

Hello from New York City!

Hey Ravens fans,

I wanted to check in with a quick update about what I have been up to and when you can expect my blog to be up and running again! Instead of studying abroad this spring, I am studying "abroad" in New York City at New York University. I am taking some really innovative classes in social media stratgey that were not available to me at Lehigh. I have been absorbed in taking advantage of all that the city has to offer and for that reason, decided to take a little hiatus from blogging. I am so looking forward to having the opportunity to apply some of the great things I'm learning here at NYU to my Ravens blogging for the 2012 season! I look forward to bringing you all more of daily headlines and news content as well as more of my own personal content! I will be starting some posting again as we enter the 2012 NFL Draft coverage and cannot wait to connect with all of you as we prepare for the upcoming season! Thank you for your continued support and for helping me grow this blog into something that I never imagined possible. If you haven't already - follow me on Twitter @tayloraboyd or friend 'Ravens Chick' on Facebook! I will also be using my personal Pinterest account to post Ravens news, so if you'd like you can follow the board that I've created 'A Chick Who Digs Baltimore Ravens Football'.

Yours in black and purple,

 Taylor 'Ravens Chick'

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is anyone else still as sad as I am?

Nearly two days after the heartbreaking end to what looked like such a promising season, the loss still hangs heavy in my mind. I have been struggling with what to post as I grapple with the many emotions that I am experiencing. On one hand, I am proud that the Ravens made it as far as they did despite all the media criticism about their inconsistency. On the other hand, I'm flat out mad. I'm mad because this could have been Ray Lewis and Ed Reed's last opportunity to play for a Super Bowl title. I'm mad because Billy Cundiff has ONE JOB to do and he couldn't convert. Ultimately, my pride for the team and the city of Baltimore outweighs my frustration and disappointment that we lost when we were so very close to playing on the big stage. I found some of the post game videos pretty interesting as I was curious to hear what the coaches and players were feeling after suffering such a devastating blow. I know that no one wants to relive the sentiments following the game but I think that each of these videos is worth watching and I am proud of the composure that the Ravens possessed. Today is a new day, and we can only look forward to more growth from our Ravens next year!

I love the WNST guys! Two more great videos that I think other fans will relate to too!